TheCloset Features: The Whiskey Charmers ♫

Many thanks to The Closet Plebeians for the feature!


by Peach and Kuma

Hello, fellow music junkies!

We are really excited to share with you our latest hidden musical gem! While on one of our many wild internet romps, we stumbled upon an amazing duo that have successfully tapped into an undiscovered genre of their own.

‘The Whiskey Charmers’, as they rightfully call themselves, is the brilliantly talented duo of Carrie Shepard and Lawrence Daversa, who have certainly charmed the pants right off us. Their music is perfect for a rainy night, when you’re sitting in front of the fireplace, whiskey in hand, contemplating the meaning of life.

Upon first hearing their beautiful tunes, especially ‘Vampire’ and ‘Waltz’, it was imperative that we interview and feature them. Therefore, we have for you an exclusive one on one with ‘The Whisky Charmers’, complete with their unrivaled wit, we can promise you that by the end you’d want to be their…

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