The Dovetail

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Thanks to everyone who came out to The Dovetail tonight and to Jean Mason for all the great photos. Our next show is 2/23 at the Royal Oak Farmers Market at 11am, followed by Cleary’s Pub in Chelsea on 2/28. Hope to see you!

Thank you Brett Callwood of The Metro Times for the nice review!

The Whiskey Charmers Purr to a Chomping Few at O’mara’s- Metro Times by Brett Callwood- 1/24/14

It’s at times like this that you just want to get up and hug the band. On Thursday evening at O’Mara’s, a sort of Irish-themed restaurant in Berkley, Carrie Shepard and Lawrence Daversa of the Whiskey Charmers are pouring their hearts our on the mini-stage while, in front of them and separated by a partition wall, barely interested customers eat their chicken.

Of course, that’s par for the course if you take this sort of gig, and the two musicians are happy to just purr through their tunes. But still, as an onlooker, it seems like a waste. Just look up from your plate for a second, guys. Chew while you view. There’s something beautiful going on.

Much like fellow locals the Blueflowers, the Whiskey Charmers play poetic, mildly gothic folk rock. Daversa is skilled at allowing his guitar to compliment Shepard’s vocals, rather than overriding it. It’s a less-is-more philosophy which serves the band well, and it allows the songs to breathe.

Shepard’s singing has improved noticeably since we interviewed them about a year ago. As we said then, “The Whiskey Charmers truly create the aural equivalent of crying into a tumbler filled with bourbon, bemoaning a lost love. There’s no ice added.”

Shepard purrs through the tunes, and songs about drinking cannily come across as if they are about something far more romantic. That’s the trick, the humor, behind this music. Despite the fact that nobody else was listening, something beautiful happened at O’Mara’s, and it wasn’t (just) the drink selection.


The Whiskey Charmers Live on Red Barn Radio

In December we had the chance to appear on Red Barn Radio in Lexington, Kentucky. It recently broadcast on the NPR station WUKY 91.3 in Lexington and the surrounding area. Here is the show, complete with a music performance, interviews and embarrassing personal details about our lives. Have a listen!

Road Trip

Back Home

We are back home and looking forward to some upcoming shows in town. Tuesday at Three Blind Mice Pub in Mt Clemens, Saturday at The New Way in Ferndale and Sunday at the Royal Oak Farmers Market. Here are a few snaps from the road.

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New recordings!

We have some recordings up on the website from our session last Saturday with Tony Hamera at The Tempermill. Soundcloud player at top right! Have a listen.
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Listen to them. The children of the night. What music they make…..