Fan Comments

Fans describe our sound! If you have anything you want to add, send us an email to!

– “Riding through the Mojave Desert in a convertible with the top down”

– “Chris Isaak Shoegaze Americana.”

– “Sex. With death shortly thereafter.”

– “It makes me feel like I’m in some empty out of the way bar and should be drinking heavily. How did you do that?”

– “Sort of Neko Case meets 16 Horsepower meets, I don’t know, other awesome bands, and uniquely you.”

-“Sparse and scary”

-“Patsy Cline meets Chrissie Hynde”

-“Lucinda on LSD”

-“These guys do NOT suck”

-“Listening to you guys made me feel like I was in a cantina somewhere in between Arizona and New Mexico”

-“Listening to you makes me want to sit back in a recliner and smoke a joint.”

– “Bondage Country”

– “Twin Peaks Country Western”


  1. Your music makes me feel so very many things. It speaks to my soul and fills it with goodness. Memories of my West Virginian grandmother and the structure she gave me while raising me, that the darkest storms in our lives help us to live brighter lives tomorrow, and the sheer plain joy of just being free and doing your own thing. Thanks for being so damn cool.

  2. Saw you guys at NashBash in Ann Arbor this week and have been obsessed with you since. Awesome! Put me on your email list. I want to see you again and bring my friends. Alex in Ann Arbor

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