Fan Comments

Fans describe our sound! If you have anything you want to add, send us an email to!

– “Riding through the Mojave Desert in a convertible with the top down”

– “Chris Isaak Shoegaze Americana.”

– “Sex. With death shortly thereafter.”

– “It makes me feel like I’m in some empty out of the way bar and should be drinking heavily. How did you do that?”

– “Sort of Neko Case meets 16 Horsepower meets, I don’t know, other awesome bands, and uniquely you.”

-“Sparse and scary”

-“Patsy Cline meets Chrissie Hynde”

-“Lucinda on LSD”

-“These guys do NOT suck”

-“Listening to you guys made me feel like I was in a cantina somewhere in between Arizona and New Mexico”

-“Listening to you makes me want to sit back in a recliner and smoke a joint.”

– “Bondage Country”

– “Twin Peaks Country Western”



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