Kickstarter Day 2!

Good morning and welcome to Kickstarter Day 2! Yesterday we had a great start and reached 15% of our goal. 29 days to go! If you haven’t had a chance, check out our slideshow (click here: for our song Neon Motel Room that is a collection of photos we have taken on the road and at shows over the past year. Thanks for your support!

Solid Gold,


Honky Tonk Throwdown Photos

Thanks to Cupcake Detroit AKA the lovely Liz Mackinder for these great photos.

Glad we could be a part of The Honky Tonk Throwdown this year.

Merle’s Big Boom Theory

Brian Ferriby’s alter ego Merle has been assembling this drum kit in secret. Until now. Maiden voyage to Chicago in 13 days.



Photos from PJs

Photos by Chris Cunnington.