Detroit: Become Human

We are excited to announce that three songs from our first record are in the new video game Detroit: Become Human, developed by Quantic Dream and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 4, released worldwide on May 25th. The game takes place in Detroit in 2038 and is centered around three androids: Connor, Kara, and Markus. All three songs in the game (Can’t Leave, Straight and Narrow, and C Blues) play inside Jimmy’s bar where Connor meets Lieutenant Anderson.

You can find “Can’t Leave” in the first scene of the video game walk through below.

We spoke with Michael Jackman from The Detroit Metro Times the other day, and he wrote a fun article which you can find here. 

The coolest thing about our music being in Detroit: Become Human? People are still listening to our songs in 2038! 🙂

Soul of a Clown

Many thanks to Soul of a Clown for taking the time to review our album. Read the full article here.

“Many of the songs have a sound that could easily transcend genres and bring The Whiskey Charmers wider success. “Straight & Narrow” is a delightful song which has a real laid back, Americana feel to it. It’s a similar story with the more upbeat sounding “Can’t Leave”. Songs like “Sidewinder” and “Parlor lights” have a wider landscape feel to them. They’re brooding, dark songs with a more epic feel to them. They have you imagining being in a late night bar, probably drinking away your sorrows.”- The Soul of a Clown, December 4th, 2015

Happy Mother’s Day

Give your mother the gift of Honky Tonk this year……


Deadstring Brothers with special guests – 11:45 pm
Billy Don Burns – 10:45 pm
The Orbitsuns – 9:45 pm
Bull Halsey – 8:55 pm
Behind The Times – 8:10 pm
The Whiskey Charmers – 7:25 pm
Babe Miller and His 10-4’s – 6:45 pm
Gibson Seal – 6:00 pm

Raising money all weekend long for diabetes research in name of the man himself, Waylon Jennings, including a raffle for a Gibson Epiphone guitar courtesy of Shiner Black & the Waylon Fund at TGen!!